Historical information

This wooden tray has been purchased from the Warrnambool Fancy Goods shop of M. Giblett. She had taken over this shop early in the 20th century from Mrs Martha Wright who was well-known in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for her shop in Liebig Street (95 Liebig Street today) and for her needlework classes in the town. Many of her pupils won prizes at the local Agricultural Shows.


This tray is of some interest as an object bought at the Wright/Giblett Fancy Goods Store in Warrnambool early in the 20th century.

Physical description

This is a rectangular-shaped wooden tray with four raised pieces of wood attached to form edges. The tray has been painted yellow. There is a label on the base of the tray indicating the shop from where it was purchased. The tray has some chipped paint, some dirt marks and some small cracks in the wood.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Millinery, Art Needlework, Baby Wear and Wool Specialists, Wrights (M.I.Giblett) Warrnambool’