Historical information

Junction (Lake Guy) Dam is a 'slab and buttress' type wall. A timber frame is built and then filled with concrete. The first batch of concrete was placed in September, 1940. By June, 1941 the buttresses were finished to a height safe from floods and in October of that year a flood of 2,800 cusecs occurred but with only slight damage to the installations. Industrial trouble caused some delays but there was also slow progress on the part of the contractor and the work was taken over by the S.E.C., terminating the contract. The dam was completed in March, 1944. A walkway was made through the dam wall. Lake Guy was named after Mr. L.T. Guy who was the Resident engineer, in charge of construction work and associated activities on the Kiewa Area from 1939 to November 1946.


Diversion dams are installed to raise the water level of a body of water to be redirected. The redirected water is used for hydro electric power generation. A diversion tunnel is usually bored through solid rock next to the dam site to bypass the dam construction site. The dam is built while the river flows through the diversion tunnel.Photos of the construction of the Junction Dam detail the harsh conditions faced by construction workers, building dams and villages to accommodate workers in the 1940s to the 1950s. Australia at this period in time, experienced a surge of population (influx of World War II refugees), which was the catalyst for developing and undergoing an enormous hydroelectricity program for the Alpine regions, both in Victoria and New South Wales. This program was initiated to supply electricity to the major southern Australian cities of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. It was thought that these developments would reduce, if not eliminate, the requirement for coal driven power stations. However time has demonstrated that these power stations have not matched the demand required by the industries and the populations of the major urban and cities.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of Junction Dam diversion tunnel at Bogong Village

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on back - Junction Dam Diversional Tunnel