Historical information

This inset was published to commemorate the Curlip Festival on 28/30 November 2008 and the P.S. Curlip 11 launch. The Snowy River Mail is an East Gippsland Newspaper.
The original PS Curlip was a paddle steamer built in a Tabbara sawmill in 1889 by Samuel Richardson and his sons. It was operated along the Snowy River in Australia's Gippsland region between 1890 and 1919, before being washed out to sea, and broken on Marlo beach, by a flash flood.
The Orbost and district community started a project in 2002 to construct a live steam powered replica, albeit somewhat larger than the original to meet safety regulations and carry additional passengers for commercial reasons, the Paddle Steamer Curlip II with the assistance of grants from the Federal and Victorian State Governments.Construction was started in earnest by shipwright, Bill Jones, in August 2006, and with the assistance of roughly 200 volunteers (a core group of 10 performing the majority of the work), she was finally completed and launched on the Snowy River in late November 2008.


The construction of P.S.Curlip 11 was a community project which began as a project to re-engage the timber-working community of Orbost. The construction and launch was a major community event. The local newspaper, The Snowy River Mail, documented its progress on a regular basis.

Physical description

An insert from the Snowy River Mail newspaper dated November 2008. On the front cover is a coloured photograph of the Paddle Steamer Curlip 11. It contains photographs, information on the history of P.S. Curlip and the construction of Curlip 11. There are details of the Curlip Festival and advertisements.