Historical information

The Hallford truck was made by J & E Hall, of Dartford, England, whose business commenced in 1785. In 1926 the Fisher family of Mongan's Bridge took delivery of the 1923 Hallford truck which was used on the farm to transport cream to the Kiewa Butter Factory in Tangambalanga. In 1967, the truck was sold to Mr Greg Bedstead and other members of the Kiewa Valley Historical Society for the KVHS who reimbursed them at a later date. The truck was housed at the Butter Factory for many years and was paraded on special occasions.
The truck was purchased for $380. It's chassis no. 2439 and the price included a spare chain. (Ref. E. Fisher on 18th Dec. 1969)
The KVHS group who paid $50 each towards the Hallford truck were: T Pyle; James Grave; P & E. Barton; K Shoebridge; K Plenderleith and SK Pearce.refunded in 1971


Hallford truck. Fisher family. Kiewa butter factory. J & E Hall Company of England. E Fisher

Physical description

Black and white photograph of Paddy Fisher's cream truck loaded onto a tray truck at the Tawonga Caravan Park. Seven unidentified people on the tray truck

Inscriptions & markings

Small typed note attached to back of photo 'Paddy Fisher's cream truck at Tawonga caravan park. 13th December, 1969