Historical information

This book is the official history of the Shire of Warrnambool from 1863 to 1987. It was written by C.E. Sayers for the Shire of Warrnambool. Sayers also wrote the history of Warrnambool called By These We Flourish for the Warrnambool City Council. The Shire of Warrnambool was established in 1863 and the first meeting was held in January 1864. In 1992 the Shire covered an area of 1605 square kilometres and had a population of 8,940 and included the areas around Koroit, Allansford, Peterborough, Port Fairy and Nirranda. The Shire of Warrnambool was abolished in 1994 and was incorporated with other municipalities into the Shire of Moyne.


This book is the official history of the Shire of Warrnambool and this copy is kept for future reference when the book is superseded or out of print.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 196 pages. It has a brown cover with gold lettering on the spine. The dust cover has a white background with an image on the front cover in brown and grey tonings of a rural property in the Shire of Warrnambool. The lettering on the dust cover is orange on the front cover and black on the spine. The book has a foreword, an introduction, 14 chapters of text, appendices and an index. There are many black and white photographs.