Historical information

These booklets were given to subscribers to the Warrnambool Standard newspaper as an almanac for the year 1928. These Standard Almanacs were published annually from 1875 to 1930. They contain much local information about Warrnambool and district on the businesses, government officials, banks, churches, schools, harbour management, societies and organizations etc. The Warrnambool Standard newspaper was established in 1872 and continues to this day.


These booklets are of high significance as they contain much valuable information on Warrnambool and district for the year 1928. They are an important research tool for those studying and writing the history of Warrnambool and district.

Physical description

These are booklets of 114 pages, with several pages of advertisements at the front and the back of the booklets. The covers are light brown with dark brown lettering. Copy One has a piece of string tied to the top right hand corner. Copy Two is dog-eared, with the cover and some pages torn at the bottom right hand corners. The covers of both booklets are somewhat stained. The booklets have a fold-out map of Warrnambool and other Warrnambool maps printed on pink paper. The booklets contain photographs in blue and brown tonings and several other illustrations.