Historical information

This is the twenty fourth catalogue of trees and it contains fruit trees, nut trees, berries and some ornamental trees. Carl Nobelius wrote in his General Remarks that he had one million trees to sell, clean, healthy and pest free. The nurseries were 250 acres in extent and contained two and a half million trees in various stages. His nurseries were at Emerald, Railway Siding and his office half a mile from Emerald Railway Station. He imported new varieties from overseas and the nursery was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, employing 80 people between 1903 and 1930.

Physical description

Green Catalogue 1915 of Fruit Trees, also Elms, Oaks, Planes, Poplars and other Deciduous and Ornamental Trees. The catalogue contains 5 black and white prints of landscape views of the nursery, plus there are 5 bright colour inserts of individual pears and apples.