Historical information

The story behind the coat is that it was created in the early 1920s by F.J.Ellimor,Brunswick furriers, at the request of Mr Walter Tepper. Walter Tepper lived on a property, "Woodlands" at Kewell, near Murtoa. He trapped the rabbits and took the pelts to Melbourne where he commissioned the furrier to make the coat for his soon to be fiancé, Ida. Walter Tepper is buried in the Murtoa cemetery. Walter's granddaughter Carol Michalicek's (nee Schultz) donated the coat to the Murtoa Museum.


It is significant as it is a fine example of the use of rabbit skins to create a fashionable coat. It remains in very good condition, 95 years since its creation. The coat has a link to the Tepper family who have resided in the district for over 100 years.

Physical description

This dark brown rabbit fur coat is well tailored, with quality inner lining and a dark, even-dyed coat. There is so much detail in the design of the coat, including a gorgeous heart shaped pocket. It would have taken quite a few rabbits pelts to make the long full-length coat, as an average rabbit skin provides about 9 inch².