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document in folder - Bairnsdale to Orbost Railway Paper Delivered by Maurice Kernot 1917

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

Seventeen pages of photocopied document in a black plastic folder. The pages are in separate sleeves. On the back is a price sticker $1 flat file Marbig Single - Red Orbost Authorid News.
H-381mm W-239mm
Object Registration
orbost-bairnsdale-railway east-gippsland-railway kernot-maurice railway
Historical information
This item was made for the Orbost Railway 100 Years Exhibition held at Orbost in March, 2016. It is a copy of an original paper delivered by Maurice Kernot to the Victorian Institute of Engineers in 1917. Maurice Edwin Kernot was the vice president and managed the construction of the Bairnsdale-Orbost Railway in 1912.
The Bairnsdale-Orbost railway was opened in 1916 to serve the agricultural and timber industry. Because of the decline in traffic and heavy operating costs, the line was finally closed in August, 1987.
When Made
March 2016
Made By
Leatch, May (exhibition convenor )
This item is associated with the history of the Orbost-Bairnsdale railway line and therefore reflects the role that the rail line played in the social and economic history of Orbost.
Last updated
5 May 2017 at 6:12PM