Historical information

Snowy River Shipping Company formed in 1880. They were soon shipping produce (mainly vegetables) from the area to Melbourne. The Snowy River Shipping Company was formed by Mr Henry James during the 1880s, with Captain McNeil as master. Captain Hegarty was the shipping agent at Marlo. Towing a line of small barges these paddle steamers plied their trade between the port of Marlo, and the farms along the river banks, churning their way almost twenty miles upstream to a landing beside what is now Frank Richardson’s property. On these trips, the barges carried mail and supplies to the townspeople and farmers, loading their produce, mostly maize, on the return trip to the coast. The coming of the railway in 1915 spelt the end for the little river boats. ( ref. F. W. RODWELL in the “Snowy Review”)
Frank Richardson 1877-1950 was a sawmiller at Tabbara and helped build and run paddle steamer "Curlip"as engineer.


This item is associated with an early transport business of the local district. The Snowy River once had its own paddle steamers. This item is reminiscent of that time.

Physical description

A light blue and white blank cheque for the Snowy River Shipping Company. The cheque is for The National Bank of Australasia and is numbered 01,491 in bold black print. It has a one penny stamp duty imprint.