Historical information

This trowel was presented to John Russell, director of Orbost Butter Factory for fiftyyears and Chairman for nine years.
John Russell was an early Orbost blacksmith in Orbost, and director of the Orbost Butter Factory for 50 years. He came to Orbost in c. 1890 at the invitation of another early settler, James Nixon, became a blacksmith, and later a farmer and landholder. Many of his descendants still live in the Orbost area.


This item is significant because of its association with the Orbost Butter Factory as well as the connection with the Russell family, Orbost pioneers.

Physical description

A silver (plated?) trowel ornately decorated with engravings. It is attached to a bone(?) handle with a silver metal ferule. the trowel is triangular with a scalloped lower edge.

Inscriptions & markings

Presented to John Russel Esq.; Chairmen of Directors ;To Commemorate the Laying of; Foundation Stone; of the Orbost Butter and Produce; Coy's New Factory; 22.9.15
on right hand side : silver marks - crown, lion H.G.H.