Historical information

The Ballarat School of Mines is a predecessor institution of Federation University Australia.

Physical description

Photocopied newsletters with numerous newspaper clippings.

20 June 1994 - Mission, Women's Policy, Kate Wait, Walter Haller, Stewart Moors, Cynthia Jardine, Mark Lynch, R.J. Young Scholarship, David Thomas

22 August 1994 - Wimmera Community College Agreement, SMB/University of Ballarat Affiliation Agreement Signed by Chancellor Geoffrey Blainey, Max Palmer, Matthew Barlow, Mark Dawe, Phillip Lee, John Conaughton, Elizabeth White

05 September 1994 - Employment White Paper, Workcover, Ross Furness, Nance Jeffreys, Keith Chase, Michael Ronaldson, Ron Wild, Paul Jenkins

25 October 1994 - Staff Consultation Committee, Bendix Mintex Award, Rick Williams, Mike Hickey, Sexual Harassment, Ann McCaffrey, Brewery Complex building

07 November 1994 - Karpin Report, Edgar Bartrop Scholarship, Winsome McCaughey

13 June 1995 - Female Participation in TAFE, Lake Bolac Visit, Virginia Fenelon, Hairdressing, Ararat Community College, Brian MCLennan, Forestry Industry Contract, Ararat PRison Education, E.J.T. Tippett Award, Shane Lake, SMB Graduates 1995, Tony Leonard, Colin McCurry, Steph Pilmore

26 June 1995 - Child Care Centre, computer survey responses, Ellimatta, Sharna Whitehand, Jack Veeken, John Hanmer, Aaron Block, Kirsten Martin, Rowena Worth, Jan Croggon, Andrew McEvoy

24 July 1995 - Teaching, Engineering Liaison, Graham Shearer, Carol Durant, Brian McLennan, Market Research, Ararat Campus, Kevin Martin, Myrtle Muir, Hairdressing, Carol McDonald

07 August 1995 - Childcare, Playgroup, Disabilities, Judy Mills, Former Ballarat Gaol, Private Providers, Equal Opportunity, Equal Employment Opportunity

04 September 1995 - Keith Boast, Barkly Street Campus Library, Barrie Firth, Yuille Street Building, Painting and Decorating, Bricklaying, Disability Forum Committee, Belinda Morgan, Fay Guinane, Olivia Guinane, Robert Clarke Community Centre ceramic Tile Mosaic, Neville French, Annelies Egan, Judith Davies, Tanis Yuille, Margaret Komishon, Ruth Zegir, Ray Isaac

18 September - Competition Policy, Public Sector Reform, Brewery Building contract to S.J. Weir, Ararat Campus, BHP, Peter Bell, Mining Industry, Horticulture Facility (Gillies Street), Creche Fairy Mural, Shellagh Kentish, Daylesford Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre, Jenny Beacham, Tom Bates, Colin Trembath, Alan Scanosio, Zaiga Svanosio

16 October 1995 - Rural Studies Staffing, Robyn Greig, Ross Holton, Virginia Fenelon, Michelle Loader, Christina Elshaug, Cynthia Jardine, Morgan B. John death, Ian Pym, Melissa Cameron, hairdressing, Woolshed, Great Southern Woolshed, Graham Shearer

October 1995 - Employment Relations Update, Enterprise Bargaining, Sue Wright, Ron Wild

30 October 1995 - 125th anniversary, 125th anniversary Medallions, Bill Murray (died 28 October 1995), Metal Fabrication, Ron Wild, Gael Ramsay, Paul Keating

20 November 1995 - Ceramics Exhibition, Heather Campbell, Marion Byass, Barry Norman, Helen Knowles, Michael Bracher, Brian McLennan, Rural Studies, Carpark, David Nicholson, Linetter Penhall, Suzanne Brown, Marie Bedggood

27 May 1996 - David Brown Farewell, Keith Boast, Educational Services, Wally Gradkowski, Dzintra Crocker, World Wide Web, Ann McCaffrey

17 June 1996 - Lifelong Learning Through Vocational Education and Training, Lyndal Cooper, Engineering Studies, David Manterfield, Rod MacKinney

19 August 1996 - SMB Strategic Plan 1997-2001, Ian Harris, Ararat Prison Education, Moongate

06 September 1996 - Tom Johnson, Bill Gribble, Ron Wild, INternational Projects Report, Cas Anderson, Court House Theatre, Former Court House, The Moongate

11 November 1996 - Brewery Complex Opening by Prime Minister John Howard on 09 December 1996, Human Resources, Marie Kerr, Fran Kisler, Karen Neale, Trudy Horwoood, Graham Hankin, Engineering Studies, David Manerfied, Sheilagh Kentish, Goroke College

12 May 1997 - Ballarat Group Training, Ballarat Aboriginal Co-operative, SMB Flexible Learning Centre, E.J. Tippett Library, Changing Role of the TAFE Teacher, Maree Greig, Colin Prowse, Performing Arts, Dave Knowles, Karyn Kilroy

20 August 1997 - Amalgamation Update, Graham Paynter, Heather MacLeod, Performing Arts

05 September 1997 - From TAFE to VET, Leoda Atkinson, Daniel James, Ararat campus, Mark Bevelander, computers, Craftsmanship Awards, Koorie Programs Unit, Deanne Jakiel, Stephen Burns, Women's Access Program, Internet

20 October 1997 - amalgamation update, Flexible Learning Centre, Andrea Bateman, Val D'Angri, Leoda Atkinson, Paul Mason, Andrea Bateman

10 November 1997 - Ballarat School of Mines/University of Ballarat Amalgamation, Shenzhen Polytechnic China, Videoconferencing, John Ferrier (Science), Performing Arts

08 December 1997 - Last Edition of Miners' Write Ron Wild, Brian McLennan, Max Palmer, Jeanetter John, Farewell to SMB, Time Capsule