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The Ballarat School of Mines Students' Representative Council was the governing body of the Association. They were required to carry out the aims and objectives of the Associaton and to establish policies that are approved by referendum. They were required to establish a budget, authorize Association publications, appoint an auditor, appoint a returning officer, nominate representatives for College Committees and ensure that all student groups are adequately represented by providing a position for each department on the S.R.C.. There were also responsible for the employment of Association staff and have a commitment to providing a friendly working association.

To be eligible for a position on the SRC a student must have paid their fees (be a financial member) and be nominated by two other financial members from their department.

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Newsletters of the Ballarat School of Mines Students' and Appentices Association.

.8) D. Day edition of the Bandwagon, Interview with Ron Wild, Shane Mattson (SRC President), Student Liaison Officers, Drug use - what to expect, A fair Game - Drugs and sport, contraception