Historical information

The Ballarat Catholic Young Men's Society was established on 01 August 1892. This is the organisation's first minute book.

Rev. Dr Delaney advocated for the formation of the Ballarat Catholic Young Men's Society. Curtin and Scullin became members of this organisation, and it is where they learnt to debate.

William White was one of the founders of the Hibernian Society.

09 August 1893 - Richard Sutton provided a piano for recital by Mr Bailey.

Physical description

Brown hard covered minute book with red spine. It is the first book of the Ballarat Catholic Young Men's Society. The minutes are handwritten in ink.

This item is held offsite and will require up to a week to retrieve it into the Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre. Use the email link below right to discuss retrieval.

Inscriptions & markings

Bookplate from M.C. Carey Post Office Stationary Warehouse.