Historical information

This calendar has been distributed as a advertising item for Earl’s agricultural machinery and oil depot. The business was situated at the corner of Lava and Kepler Streets in Warrnambool. The name, Acmino’ stood for Allis-Chalmers, Mitchell’s Implements, Neptune Oils’. Distributing calendars at Christmas time for the following year was, and still is, a popular advertising tool for businesses.


This calendar is of minor interest as an example of the use made by businesses in the 1940s of calendars as advertising tools. It also has a local Warrnambool connection, the agricultural machinery business of F. Earl.

Physical description

This is a 1946 calendar with a buff-coloured sheet of crinkled paper with a brown border. It has a coloured photograph of two men droving cattle near a river and it ispasted on to the paper with a brown border around the photograph. The calendar for 1946 is printed on to the paper and also in monthly sheets pasted on to the paper on top of each other. The printing on the calendar is brown. On the back of the calendar is written in black ink, ‘French Bros’. The calendar has a red piece of string at the top for hanging the calendar up on a wall or cupboard. The calendar is torn at the edges and somewhat stained.

Inscriptions & markings

‘With Compliments from the “Acmino” House, F.Earl (Prop.)Warrnambool Phone 484 Private 75’ ‘Allis-Chalmers Tractors Mitchell’s Implements Neptune Oils’ ‘Sales, Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed’ ‘French Bros’