Historical information

Albert Thomas Holden was born in 1866 at Geelong, died in 1935 and is buried in Boroondara cemetery. From 1883-84 he taught in Kyneton and became a Methodist lay preacher. He graduated with a B.A. from Ormond College in 1888. He entered the Methodist ministry and worked in Burwood and at the Omeo Home Mission. During 1892 he toured Europe and the Middle East with Rev Bickford. In 1898 Holden was an army chaplain and served South Africa. He became Methodist Chaplain General in 1913. In 1904 Holden became Secretary of Methodist Home Missions and traveled throughout Australia. Holden was General Superintendent of the Methodist Church of Australasia from 1929 - 1932 and then President- General. Holden became a Freemason in 1898.
[taken from the Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Physical description

Seated sepia toned studio portrait of Rev A T Holden C.B.E. wearing clerical collar and sitting in cane chair, he looking at the camera with his body turned to his right. He has two badges on his left lapel. The photograph has the name of the photographer embossed at the bottom right. It has an inscription handwritten in white ink at the bottom.

Inscriptions & markings

"REV. A.T.HOLDEN. C.B.E. (Gen. superintendent)"