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Topic ; Junior Citizens ; Collins Expedition 1803 ; William Buckley;
The Aims of the CMHS are ‘to record the history of the City, and register something of the Australian Atmosphere, which the necessary speed-up in post-world-war two (WW11) immigration has caused to be lost; to produce a magazine at regular intervals, featuring the work of pioneers and the changing Australian scene; to work constantly with a long range view towards building a hall where records and exhibits can be housed’ (1961)
The Original Newsletters reflect the history and heritage of the former City of Moorabbin — derived from Mooroobin, ‘a resting place’ in the Bunurrung spoken language. In 1994, the City of Moorabbin was integrated into the Cities of Bayside, Glen Eira, Kingston and Monash.


This is Newsletter No. 7 Vol. 4 of the CMHS July 1964
CMHS obtained a Kingston City Council Community Grant 2016 for the digitization and preservation of these Original CMHS Newsletters commenced in 1961

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1 x Foolscap paper printed on 2 sides folded for 4 pages

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;CITY OF MOORABBIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER / / (Affiliated with the Royal Historical Society of Victoria ) / Vol. 4 No. 7 July 1964 /