Historical information

This booklet was given to subscribers to the Warrnambool Standard newspaper as an almanac for the year 1887. These Standard almanacs were produced from 1875 to 1930. They contain much local information on Warrnambool and district about the businesses, government officials, schools, societies and organizations, harbour management, churches, banks etc. The Warrnambool Standard newspaper was established in 1872 and continues to this day.


This booklet is of high significance as it contains much valuable information on Warrnambool and district for the year 1887. It is a very important research tool for those studying and writing the history of Warrnambool and district. This copy has the name ‘Barber’ on the front cover and probably refers to George Barber, the son of George Barber, a well-known solicitor who opened a legal practice in Warrnambool in 1855. He died in 1879 and it appears that a member or members of his family went to live in the Maryborough district. This copy came into the collection of the Warrnambool and District Historical Society via the Midlands Historical Society.

Physical description

This is a soft cover booklet of 73 pages, plus several pages of advertisements. The section on the tourist’s guide to Warrnambool is printed in pink. There is a fold-out page with a map of the railway routes in Victoria. The cover is buff-coloured with black lettering and is slightly frayed. There is some scribble on the first page and the back cover. There are many black and white illustrations and several sketches of Warrnambool and district printed in pink. The name ‘Barber’ is handwritten in black ink on the front cover.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Miss Duff c/o Mrs Hyslop Farquar Lodge Lysle Street Ladysmith South Africa’