Historical information

Sister publication to "Coranderrk database". This is a compilation of Mick Woiwod's research material, gathered over many years with information on the history of the Wurundjeri people of the Yarra Valley, from the time of first European contact. The publication runs in excess of 140,000 words. Its prime focus is the Yarra River as it has been understood by its Wurundjeri people. Includes a compilation of those difficult to locate "brief snatches of the action" collated under headings with in each instance, the provenance as to source and / or author included. Themes include: agriculture, law, ceremony, language, reconciliation, retribution, lifestyle, art & craft, climate, personalities, disease, death and the river's flora and fauna.

Physical description

318 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/​4 in.)
PDF or Microsoft Office Word 97-2003.

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ISBN 9780987157423