Physical description

Wooden with cast iron gearing components and round butter worker is hand operated. The rotary butter worker has a round tray carved from wood. Protruding upwards from the centre of the tray is a column with arched top. The column has a small square outlet on one side near the base that provides for excess buttermilk to be drained away. Around the circumference of the butter worker protruding outwards from the sides is a thick cast-iron track. The wooden paddle has a unique curved shape that has a wave appearance. It has a slight arch which forces the butter to remain in the tray and to direct any excess buttermilk to the centre. Through the wooden paddle is an iron rod connected to a crank handle. By turning the handle the rod rotates a gear system that leads the table to rotate on the metal track.

Inscriptions & markings

Side: CHERRY'S PATENT NO. 1 GISBORNE VICTORIA 4407 Etched into upper arm of wooden frame.