Historical information

Empire Wounded Stripes were introduced in 1916. Each time a soldier was wounded and taken out of the field he was entitled to a stripe. Worn on the left sleeve below the elbow on your uniform
These items belonged to Frederick Campbell Moller No 2233 AIF. Refer1661.3, 1663P, 1680.3.

Physical description

.1) .2) "Empire Wounded Stripes" metal, base plate with Stripe resembling gold braid fixed by two pins through the plate.
.3) Rising Sun collar badge, blackened pressed brass with 2 lugs on rear.
.4) RSL Membership badge, metal, enamelled, crown at top with two central figures.
.5) Association Badge, 3rd Field Arty Brigade, copper wishbone shape and Field Artillery motif blue & red enamel.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) "Service Wounded Stripe"
.2) "The Wounded Stripe"
.3) "Australian commonwealth military forces"
.4) "Returned Sailors, Soldiers Imperial League of Australia"