Historical information

This is a photograph of the Birchip Rifle Club taken at Birchip on 18th September, 1915. Most names are on the back of photo.
Given to the Birchip Historical Society by Mary Fielding in 2016. Names..Harold Bolden, P Matthews, C.Sheean, a.Wilson, Frank millar, F.O'Donnell, Andy Fraser, M.O'Donnell, J.O'Donnell, J.R.McLeish, B.H.Warne,C.Bull, J.Hillgrove.W.H.Watts,W.Clover, E.Sanders,J.Busteed, F.White, Jas Coffey, S.CarlisleN.McDoual, J.Lockwood, P.Williams, H.S.Mitchell, J.M.Kensley, R.C. Hannah


This is a photo of the Birchip Rifle Club taken after at an event at Birchip.

Physical description

Photo of rifle club mounted on card

Inscriptions & markings

Birchip Rifle Club 18th September 1915. All names on back.