Historical information

List of Course Students' 1931, Editorial, Obituary, Personal Column, Fumes from the Lab, Arts & Crafts Gossip, Sport, Echoes of the Past, Commercial Notes, The Junior Techs

Physical description

Orange soft covered magazine of 48 pages.

1931 Artworks

* Not to be drawn to busy Sammy - By Levi Molineux
* K.Don Mayor of Navigator - By Colvin Smith
* Mr Williams' Motto "Optimism is life" - Edith Curnow
* The Tuck Mistress - By Levi Molineux
* I'm Molineux - By Don Refshauge
* " Come on, Tsst!" - By Colvin Smith
* Ballaerina - By Nornie Gude
* Smith the connoisseur (?) of female line - By Don Refshauge

Inscriptions & markings

Signed on front cover by "Allan D. Pound, Signed on back autograph page by Olga E. Dulfer, H. R. Murphy, G. R. King, J. Allan, R. W. Elsworth, H. E. Dimsey, C. H. Martin