Historical information

Khaki and Green is a summary of the scope of the activities of the Australian soldiers since last they related their experiences, in book form. To their homeland. It speaks of desert and jungle epitomising the two major regions of the campaign in which Australians have participated since October 1942 - the overthrow of Rommel's forces at El Alamein and the smashing of the Chinese in Papua.


Collection of servicemen recounts, poems and cartoons from World War 2

Physical description

Faded light green hardcover front and back with title in centre symmetrical green and back lettering (shadowed)
With the Australian Army at home and overseas. Text is repeated on spine of book.
Front and back inside pages has an illustrations of a kit bag and it's contents and text - Palestine, United Kingdom, Egypt, Libya, Greece, Crete, Eritrea, Cyprus, Syria, Siam, Malaya, Java, Ambon, Ceylon, China, New Britain, Ocean islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Solomon's, Papua, Timor, Dutch New Guinea.
Photos, illustrations, cartoons, poems.
There are three copies held at the Lara RSL Sub Branch.

Inscriptions & markings

To the memory of fallen comrades
‘They gave their lives. For the public gift they received a praise which never ages and a tomb most glorious – not so much the tomb in which they lie, but that in which their fame survives, to be remembered forever when occasion comes for word or dead…. ‘