Historical information

Every Anzac soldier who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula, or in direct support of operations there - or his family if he did not survive until into the late 1960s - was entitled to be issued with the Anzac Commemorative Medallion. The Medallion was issued in 1967. The medallion was sent by registered post and comes in a presentation case
with a moulded velvet base to receive the medallion, with a silk lined hinged lid.


Medallion presented to all army personnel serving at Gallipoli

Physical description

ANZAC Medallion Badge issued in memory of W.H. Mathews

Inscriptions & markings

The obverse of the medallion depicts Simpson and his donkey carrying a wounded soldier to safety. It is bordered on the lower half by a laurel wreath above the word ANZAC and the date 1915 above the donkey. The reverse shows a map in relief of Australia and New Zealand superimposed by the Southern Cross. The lower half is bordered by New Zealand fern leaves and the name W.M. Mathews