Historical information

Arthur Street, Eltham next to ANZ Bank

The Hiroshima Day Banner was made by Jacky Talbot as part of the project. The women wanted to do something for Hiroshima Day and suggested that a workshop be set aside to make a banner. The artist was concerned about the remaining time scheduled for the project and spent several days "whipping" up the banner herself.
For the artist this banner was to prove quite significant. The women hung it at the Community Notice Board on Hiroshima Day and were photographed by the local newspaper publicising the group and drawing wider community attention to the remembrance of the day. Although no new members joined the group from this activity, the artist felt that she was more fully accepted by the group afterwards.
This banner has initiated a small group of women committed to peace. The artist has also continued to liaise and meet with the women as time permits.
Future group plans include: making kimonos to wear when carrying the banner, participating in the Palm Sunday March, an observance of Hiroshima Day activity, which is yet to be decided, establishing contact with a sister-town in USA and USSR and supporting Eltham Council's stance as a Nuclear Free Zone. (The banner habits of the Eltham tribes : Eltham Shire "as we are" Community Banner Project report /​ by Jacky Talbot, Shire of Eltham, Feb. 1987, p46)

Used in Shire of Eltham display at the Eltham Community Festival, 7 November 1987.

Shire of Eltham Engineering Department
Providing the resources to undertake
• Survey, design, consultation
• Road construction and maintenance
• Bridge construction and maintenance
• Street sweeping
• Drain and pit cleaning
• Traffic engineering installation and maintenance
• Garbage collection
• Tip management, land reclamation and beautification
• Maintenance of community buildings
• Provision of community and recreation facilities


Illustrative of services provided by former Shire of Eltham

Physical description

Colour photograph 20 x 29 cm mounted on green-painted chipboard 28 x 35.5 cm (string on back for hanging)
Ref: 01842-0

Inscriptions & markings

Title printed on label adhered to board below photograph (replaced June 2017)