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'Romulus ' Costume

From the Collection of Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum Inc Vincents Road Maldon Victoria

.1) Cream Shirt &.2) Charcoal grey trousers with button fly and rayon? lining down to knee level.
.3) Brown leather helmet with black, cotton lining, ear flaps and chin strap with buckle fastening. Makers name indicates helmet is of German origin.
.4) Brown leather belt with buckle.
.5 & .6) Pair brown leather boots. Right boot has hole drilled through the sole to accommodate a supporting spike on the display manequin's base.
(.1) L 85 x W 55 (.2) L 111 x W 46 (.3) L 34 x W 31 (.4) L119 x W 3.7 (.5 & .6) L 32 x W 12 x H 18 cms
Object Registration
VMVM 111.6
costume - male - headwear - footwear: costume accessories - clothes accessories;
Historical information
The costume was worn by the character of Romulus in the movie "Romulus My Father" which was filmed in Central Victoria and used a motor bike in the Maldon Vintage Machinery Museum's collection. the film company subsequently donated the entire outfit to the museum.
Inscriptions & Markings
.4) is marked on inside surface near the buckle : "HERO/38"
Left boot sports a white sticker with "hora" printed in black. Right boot has black "X" on outside top edge. Both boots have "ooded(?) /MURRAY42" moulded into leather on inner top edges.. .2) bear a stick-on label printed with "ROM 4" on inside back waistband.
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21 Jan 2018 at 11:16AM