Historical information

The RSS&AILA was the name of the RSL in 1956, called Returned Sailors and Soldiers and Airmen Imperial League of Australia.
The Australian Imperial Service of Women’s Auxiliary of the RSL was formed by mothers, wives, widows, sisters, daughters and aunts of men who served in the Australian Imperial Forces in the First World War (1914-1918). The auxiliaries grew from this beginning to raise money for the welfare of men and women who served and their widows and families.

In Victoria, the RSL Women’s Council of Victoria is headquarters for Auxiliaries throughout Victoria. The aim of Women’s Council is to support the Auxiliaries, in assisting the Returned & Services League to give a helping hand to Service Members, their families and the wider community. RSL Sub-Branches and their Women’s Auxiliaries work together towards the same goals. As of August 2015 there are 64 Women’s Auxiliaries with approximately 1250 members.

The Lara Ladies Auxiliary was disbanded in September 1952, due to not enough members to continue the auxiliary (the ladies from the beginning becoming too old – First World War). Those left promised to continue to support the RSL in all its future activities, which the ladies continue to do today as members and Associate members.
Here is the last entry, dated 8th September, 1952:

“Since our last meeting our President Mrs Marshall has passed away. It was decided that as there is not enough members to continue the Auxiliary the Lara Sub Branch was requested to have the Auxiliary disbanded. Assistance was promised the League by the ladies present in all its futher activities.”

There were four present at this meeting. Signed by P. Walker, Hon Secretary and Treasurer.


This badge is of historic significance as it represented a badge held by a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the RSL in 1956.

Physical description

A metal circular badge with outer blue rim with words R.S.S.&.A.I.L.A. Women's Auxiliary. Inner gold circle has blue Australian flag. At top of badge is 56.

Inscriptions & markings

On the reverse side of the badge is the stamped number 6965