Historical information

These photographs and medals are of the McIntyre family. Three members of Lara's McIntyre family served during the First and Second World Wars, and two were members of the Lara RSL.

John Lachlan McIntyre was born at Beeac, Victoria in December 1890. He enlisted in the 1st AIF in July 1915. John fought on the Western Front, taking part in the battles of Fromelles and the 2nd Battle of the Somme. He was severely wounded at Fromelles and spent 12 months in hospital in England before returning to the front. John returned home in 1919 and was granted a soldier settlement block in Lara in 1937. He was a founding member of Lara RSL and is its longest serving member. John died in 1990.

Thomas Gordon McIntyre was born at Lara in 1901. Thomas, known as Gordon, was too young to enlist in the First World War with his brothers. At the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion. He fought in the Syrian Campaign, before being recalled to Australia to fight in the pacific campaign. Gordon was wounded in a battle against the Japanese in Java on the 19/02/1942, and taken prisoner. No record of him after this was ever discovered, and he is presumed to have been killed.

Jim McIntyre was born in 1893, and grew up in Lara and Geelong. Jim enlisted in the 1st AIF in 1916, and served with the 14th Battalion through the war. He was wounded twice. Jim died in 1976.


The McIntyre family were early pioneers in the Lara district, and the brothers were founding members of the Lara RSL. Their medals and photographs represent a significant link to the history of the town and sub-branch.

Physical description

Three photographs and three sets of medals in a pine wood frame with glass covering. Photographs are black and white portraits of soldiers in uniform mounted on cream card. The medals are mounted on black felt.

T.G. McIntyre VX20754 - 35-45 Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and the Australian Service Medal 39-45.
J.L. McIntyre 3591 - War Medal and Victory Medal
J.W. McIntyre 7049 - War Medal and Victory Medal

Inscriptions & markings

J.L. McIntyre
REG. No. 3591
58th. BATT. 1st A.I.F
Foundation Member Lara R.S.L
1890 - 1990

REG. NO. VX20754
2nd A.I.F

14th BTN.