Historical information

This container is a piece of trench art. It has been made in 1917 in World War One. The container is made from a 4.5 inches Howitzer shell. The 4.5 Howitzers were British artillery units made with a short barrel and used to fire missiles over a high trajectory. It is probable that the container was made by an Australian soldier while on active service overseas during World War One.


This container has no known local provenance but it is a very interesting and attractive piece of World War One trench art.

Physical description

This is a heavy brass container made from a Howitzer shell. The container is round with four-leaf clover –type patterns on the side and three round knobs welded on to the bottom to give it a base. There are many markings on the base of the shell and these may all be the original markings. The lid is made of lighter brass and has an octagonal-shaped knob on top.

Inscriptions & markings

‘4.5 Howr 11’
‘B.A. 3 3 17’
M.A.C.’ etc