Historical information

The Rutherglen Miner was one of Rutherglen's earliest newspapers. Mr C.H. Adcock was Principal of Rutherglen Viticultural College - 1914

Physical description

Three leaflets, each one written by G. H. Adcock. Originally paper covered, they have been bound together in a hard black cover with one of the titles hand written in white on the spine.

Inscriptions & markings

Written inside front cover: "Presented by Van Adcock, Grandson of G.H. Adcock, 1981"
First booklet: Plant Life in its Relation to Agriculture. Published by Miner Print, Rutherglen. [undated].
Second booklet: Phylloxera. Reprinted from the Journal of the Department of Agriculture / Victoria, January, 1914, pp. 51-55
Third booklet. Saltbushes. Reprinted from the Journal of the Department of Agriculture, Victoria. Issued March, 1905