Physical description

Black and white photograph of a group of people posing on the stairs outside the Memorial Hall, Rutherglen

Inscriptions & markings

Written on back of photo: "In W.T. Mar 10. 1954. page 54. Shire Crs. & Staff of Rutherglen. Messrs. K.P. Meekcoms (Eng.) C.A. Ricketts sec. Miss F.M. Kendall. Crs. F. Schue. A.D. Campbell. A. Forbes. J. Terrill. Mr. J.L. Bales 'Pres.' Crs. W. Jaspar. C.J.G. Morris. Pres. H.C. Gill. S.J. Prentice. S.G. Williams. J.P. Francis." At top right on back: "3/6" On back: rubber stamp with copyright details.