Historical information

These plans have been drawn up in 1883 by the Warrnambool architect, William Patterson. They show six sections of plans for the erection of a Church of Christ at 12 Spence Street Warrnambool. The mason was William Kellas and the builder was Harold Dawkins. Church of Christ adherents began meeting in Warrnambool in 1875 and bought land in Spence Street in 1877. The church was opened in 1885 with visiting pastors until a resident minister, A. J. Fisher, was appointed in 1915. This church was closed early in the 21st century when a new church, Gateway Church of Christ, was opened in Ragland Parade in Warrnambool.


These plans are of great interest as original ones of the Church of Christ In Spence Street Warrnambool. The plans have come from the present-day Warrnambool Church of Christ. The building still exists but is no longer is use as a church.

Physical description

These are two sheets of cream-coloured thick paper with scaled drawings of plan sections of the Church of Christ in Warrnambool. The drawings are in black ink with some sections coloured in. Both pages have a black line margin drawn around the edges. The pages are torn at the edges in several places and the sheets are much stained. The sheets have been reinforced at the back (left side) with thick brown paper.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Plan of Christ Church Warrnambool’