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Ledger - Eltham Road District. Assessment for the Year ending Oct. 14th, 1860 (Version 1)

From the Collection of Eltham District Historical Society Inc 728 Main Rd Eltham Victoria

Ledger with printed columns: Number, Name of Occupier, Description, Where situated, Cultivated land, Pasture land, Estimated annual value of buildings, Rate, Remarks, Arrears collected, excused, unoccupied, uncollected and amount actually collected.
Ledger filled out by hand with 177 entries (not alphabetically arranged). A number of blank pages are included.
35 cm x 21 cm
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Object Registration
eltham roads board, rate book, rate payers, transaction, pioneers, settlers, wingrove
Historical information
The Eltham Roads Board was established in 1856.

When Made
This is a unique significant record of early settlers in the Shire of Eltham. One of 6 early rate books. This is among the oldest items in the EDHS collection. An article in the Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser Friday 21 Nov 1941 Page 5 titled: District's Early History states: "The first rate book which is still in existence at the Shire Office is for the year ending October 14, 1858 and is probably the best record possible to indicate the development of the district. At the time properties were rated as follows: Cultivated land. 6d. per acre; pasture land, 1d. per acre: estimated annual value of buildings, etc., 6d in the (pound). The total amount of rate recorded for the year was (pounds)153/14/8. Properties were described as being situated at Lower Plenty, Yarra Yarra, Eltham, Lower Eltham, Kangaroo Ground, Yarra Flats, Diamond Creek and the Yarra."
Inscriptions & Markings
Inside cover includes pasted printed note:
Cultivated land 6d per acre
Pasture land 2d per acre
Unalienated Pasture Land 8d per Acre
Estimated Annual Value of Buildings, &c., 6d. in the Pound
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