Historical information

The Weekly Times was first published on September 11, 1869. In September 1875, The Weekly Times absorbed two other Melbourne-based rural publications, the Economist and Town and Country.In 1892 the Daily Telegraph company sold its buildings and mastheads to the Herald group, which has published The Weekly Times continuously since.
In 1902 The Herald and Standard Newspaper Company Ltd changed its name to the present Herald and Weekly Times.
These booklets were published as souvenir magazines to "celebrate 100 years on the land". They had ten parts published weekly from September 15 - November 17 1999.


These magazines are records of 20th century rural history of Victoria.

Physical description

Ten magazines inside a hard plastic covered folder. They are Weekly Times souvenir booklets/magazines titled "Our Land, Our Century 1900-1999: Celebrating 100 Years on the Land". They contain pictures and stories of events related to rural Australia. Each edition covers ten years from 1900 -1989.