Historical information

This book was written by Dr J. J. C. Bradfield, (John Job Crew), 1867-1943. Dr JJC Bradfield was a visionary Australian engineer who worked with enormous energy and vision to build the infrastructure which he foresaw that Sydney would need as it grew. As early as 1903 Bradfield was making the case for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in his presidential address as President of the Sydney University Engineering Society. Bradfield’s proposal — at that stage for a cantilever bridge between Dawes Point and Milsons Point — won the committee’s support and they recommended it be accepted. However, the First World War put a stop to these plans. While a bill to authorise the project passed the lower house of the NSW parliament in 1916, it failed to pass the upper house, on the grounds that funds should not be diverted from the war effort.
With the war over, in 1922 the Sydney Harbour Bridge Act was passed by the NSW Parliament. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened in 1932 after Museum and St James railway stations were built.
This book was written from the story broadcast by Dr. J.J.C. Bradfield.


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Physical description

A staple soft cover 16 pp booklet with a buff coloured cover. It has a sketch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind the title "The Bridge" in dark brown print. It contains information and photographs of the history and construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge.