Historical information

The 20th Light Horse was raised as part of the reorganised Citizen Military Forces (Militia) following the end of WWI. It had Headquarters at Seymour Victoria and sub-units along the Goulburn Valley. The guidon, emblazoned with the South African and WWI battle honours, was presented in 1927. The 20th Light Horse served overseas during WWII being the only Light Horse unit to do so and received the battle honour South West Pacific 1944-45. In 1948 when 8/13 Victorian Mounted Rifles was raised as the descendent regiment of the 8th, 13th and 20th Light Horse Regiments it became the custodian of the three guidons including that of the 20th Light Horse. In 1991, the two Victorian mounted regiments 8/13th VMR and 4/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse were linked to form a single regiment which had custodianship of six guidons, 4th, 8th 13th, 17th 19th and 20th Light Horse Regiments. All except the 4th Light Horse Guidon were laid up at the Shrine in August 2005. The 4th guidon is to be laid up in November 2017.


A representative example of a symbol of the esprit de corps and achievements of a regiment of citizen soldiers drawn from Victoria. Well provenanced and fine example of military heraldic art.

Physical description

Burgundy corded cotton flag with gold thread fringe with rope and tassels. at centre is 20th Light Horse badge surrounded by wattle wreath with purple and gold rectangular colour patch under. XX in top left corner and battle honours on either side of centre motif.

Inscriptions & markings

"South Africa 1899-1902, Gallipoli 1915, Palestine 1917-18, Anzac, Egypt 1915-17, South West Pacific 1944-45"