Historical information

The Postmaster-General's Department (P.M.G.) of Australia was created in 1901 with Federation taking control over all six Colonies (States) Postal and Telegraphic services within Australia to form the national Postal and Telegraphic services within Australia. The Department was administered by the Postmaster-General.
This manual was produced as a syllabus of training for Army Personnel units in P.M.G's Department schools.


In war times the postal organisation was a vital link between the services, the community and overseas centres.
The Postmaster-General's Department co-operated with service departments in the installation and operation of radio, telephone and telegraph systems. Its laboratories also designed, developed and manufactured vital defence equipment. This item reflects that contribution and history.

Physical description

A 31 pp buff colored book with orange cloth binding. Black print on the front cover - a oval shaped logo with Post Office Communication Australia around a small sketch depicting Mercury, the messenger of the gods below an Australian coat-of-arms. Below that is the title,"COURSE OF TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION TELEPHONY 1".