Historical information

The National Registration Card was issued to everyone in Great Britain at the outbreak of WW2. Introduced in 1939 at the outbreak of war. It had to be carried at all times if you were an adult and shown upon demand to the Police etc. Initially, all cards were coloured brown like my Dad's example, but in 1943 a new blue coloured card was introduced for adults. This card was issued in 1943.


Used in the UK by residents during WW2

Physical description

Folding identity card made from light cardboard

Inscriptions & markings

On the cover (see image) is a picture of the British coat of arms and the wording National Registration Identity Card.
Inside (see image) is information of person. Number: BCDP 157, Surname: Van Lier, Christian Names: Abraham, Class Code: A, Full Postal Address: 89 Sherwood Avenue Greenford UK, and his signature. On rear (see image) are endorsement stamps