Historical information

This bottle came from the Warrnambool aerated waters factory of Reg Reeves. This factory in Koroit Street, Warrnambool was established in the 1860s as the Union Cordial Factory by John Davis and then bought by John Fletcher in 1885. Fletcher’s business continued until 1930 when it was bought by Ralph Reeves. Coming to Warrnambool about 1900, Ralph Reeves managed a Banyan Street cordial factory which had been established by John Rowley. Ralph Reeves bought a cordial business at Hamilton in 1916 and sold it in 1929 to concentrate on his Warrnambool cordial factory. Reeves was joined by his son Reg in Warrnambool and Reg operated the business from 1946 to 1972. The trade name of Reeves was still used after Reg Reeves died and continued on for some years.


This bottle is of interest as an example of the soft drinks made at the Warrnambool aerated waters factory of Reg Reeves. Reg and his father Ralph operated a cordial business in Warrnambool for 40 years. Cordial manufacturing was an important industry in Warrnambool for over 100 years.

Physical description

This is a glass bottle with a long rounded body, a round base and a short rounded neck. The top of the bottle has a moulded glass open top and there is a cork stopper with a brown top to enable the bottle to be opened by turning. The stopper has the name of the manufacturer of the soft drink on it and there is a multi-coloured label pasted on to the side of the bottle. The name of the soft drinks manufacturer is also impressed into the glass on the side of the bottle. There are two small chips near the base of the bottle.

Inscriptions & markings

Stopper: R.V.Reeves R.V.R.
Bottle: Reeves Imitation Cordial Pineapple
Artificially coloured &flavoured
This food contains not more than 2 grains of sulphur dioxide to the pint
R.J. Reeves Warrnambool