Historical information

This plate fragment came from the Hotel Mansions in Warrnambool. This building was opened in 1890 as the Grand Ozone Coffee Palace (a temperance hotel) and it was at the corner of Koroit and Kepler Streets in Warrnambool. It was built by a company of local businessmen and was leased out. In 1891 the Coffee Palace was granted a wine licence. In 1895 Thomas Randall was the proprietor and it was re-named the Ozone Hotel. The building was closed in 1915 and re-opened in 1920 as the Hotel Mansions. In 1923 the Hotel Mansions became a fully-licensed hotel. In 1929 it was destroyed by fire and the present day Hotel Warrnambool was built on the site.


This plate fragment is significant as it came from the Hotel Mansions in Warrnambool and was probably recovered from the fire that destroyed the building. The Grand Ozone Coffee Palace/Ozone Hotel/Hotel Mansions was the grandest building ever erected in Warrnambool and its destruction by fire was a major loss to the town.

Physical description

This is a piece of a white china plate. On the side of the plate is embedded the name of the hotel in a circular pattern. The plate fragment is badly stained and crazed.

Inscriptions & markings

‘H D Hotel Mansions’