Historical information

This magazine promotes the protection of wildlife and the need for proper management of national parks. Its editor Crosbie Morrison lobbied for a National Parks Authority which was finally set up under Morrison's directorship in 1957.
During the 1940's and 1950's Crosbie Morrison (1900 - 1958) became Australia's best known naturalist. As a journalist with commercial radio and the Australian Broadcasting Commission, he made regular national nature study broadcasts to schools and other radio listeners for 20 years. He was the editor of Wild Life, a magazine which fostered interest in Australia's natural history and conservation, from 1938-54. (ref. CHAH web-site)


This magazine reflects the work and legacy of Crosbie Morrison who campaigned for Victoria's national park system.

Physical description

A 398 pp soft covered magazine with green covers. The title "WILD LIFE and OUTDOORS" is in black print.Below this is a coloured drawing of two women camping on the edge of a cliff. One is hanging on to the edge looking at a bird's nest. The magazine contains articles and photographs in black / white print.

Inscriptions & markings

on front cover - "M. Gilbert' in red pen