Historical information

Booklet of 30 pages.
Table of Contents: Editorial, Theatre party, Economic Geology of Victoria, Obituary - Andrew Anderson Esq., J. P., Our President, Coal, History of roasting at Kalgoorlie, Melbourne electric supply co, Australian coinage, Pilbarite, Liquid air, What is the "Expression" for "Success in the electrical engineering professions?", Students' annual excursion to Melbourne, Melbourne city council's electric light station, Modern tunneling, Estimation of copper, Oxozone - a fume destroyer, News and notes, Sporting notes, Answers to correspondents, Past Students, Editorial notes.

Physical description

Pink coloured booklet of 32 pages.

Page 25 outline the whereabouts of past Ballarat School of Mines Students: A.R. Booth, W.T. Lakeland, Lewis Westcott, Leo M. Seward, Reginald Williamson, Stanley White, Clyde Allan, Charles Laird, W.E. Eyres, Virgil Tucker, H. Hawkesworth, H.J. Saw, H. Meadows, Fred G. Brinsden, C. Stevenson, Fred Treloar, J. Peart, E.M. Weston, Dick Galloway, Richard Galloway, G.R. Curry, H. Meadows, Will Watson, Don Cameron, Eric Bieske, Cliff Garrard