Historical information

Table of Contents: Editorial, Rotary converter notes, Ambulance, Slime treatment for attraction of gold, Description of slime settler or dewaterer in use at the Brownhill Consols mine Kalgoorlie, Transvaal geology, Chlorine produced electrolytically, Scaling of copper plates, The eucalyptus, Sports meeting, Rowing, Past students, News and notes, Answers to correspondents, Editorial notices.

Physical description

Magazine of 24 pages.

Page 17 lists the whereabout of past Ballarat School of MInes students: J.R. Booth, W.t. Lakeland, Lewis Westcottm Leo M. Seward, Reginald Williamson, Stanley White, Clyde Allan, Charles Lamb, W.E. Eyres, Virgil Tucker, H. Hawkesworth, H.J. Saw, Fred G. Brisnden, C. Stevenson, Fred Treloar, J. Peart, E.M. Weston, Dick Galloway, H.B. Bennetts, G.R. Curry, H. Meadows, Eric Bieske, Cliff Garrard, Phil Brown, Lindsay D. Cameron, Phil Brown,, W.P. Avery, J. Foster, J. Bickett, F.H. Inglis, G. Devenport, t. lennon, h. wilkins, g.h. reid, c. hesselman, E. Fraser, Reginald Callister, F. Bicknell, Leslie Blick, W.T. Sayer, W.F. Hall, O.e. Jaeger, W. Gelard, P.C. Downes, G. Sides, F. Bruce, Frank Bruce.