Historical information

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hunter joined 8/13 Victorian Mounted Rifles from 20 National Service Battalion November 1956. He transferred to Papua New Guinea Volunteer Rifles in 1967, returning to VMR in 1977. He commanded A Squadron 8/13 VMR 1978-1980. He was Staff Officer Grade 1 Headquarters 3 Division 1983-1985. Following retirement he was active in the regimental museum and wrote the book "My Corps Cavalry: a history of the 13th Australian Light Horse AIF". He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia 2009 for services to military history.


Representative of a period in 1980s when chain mail epaulettes was worn by officers of 8/13 Victorian Mounted Rifles.

Physical description

Open-necked officer's 'Blues' jacket with chain mail epaulettes; lieutenant colonels' badges of rank and 'R' denoting Reserve of Officers status; Silver 8/13 VMR buttons and collar badges. Worn by Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hunter who served in the regiment between 1956 and 1987.