Historical information

The Society excursion on 24th May 1992 was arranged by David Bick, leader of the team carrying out the Shire's heritage study. David selected a number of sites or buildings identified in the study, some of them lesser known components of the Shire's heritage. The tour commenced at the Eltham Shire Office at 10.00 am. Travel
was by private car and mini-bus with stops at about twelve locations for commentary by David.It included a short walk in Hurstbridge and lunch at Kinglake.

Highlights of the tour included:
- 10 am Leave from Shire Offices
- 3 Important Trees
- A Physical Link to Eltham's First Settlers
- Toorak Mansion Gates
- A Surviving Farm House
- An Intact Circa 1900 Main Street
- First Settlers - Gold Miners, and Timber-getters
- An Early Hotel
- A Pioneering Homestead
- Changing Eltham Shire - 20th Century
- 4 pm Afternoon Tea and Finish Tour

Extract from ELTHAM CULTURAL HERITAGE TOUR (Newsletter No. 85, July 1992, by Bettina Woodburn)
"Leaving the cars at Hurstbridge we walked the main street of the old village settlement, now a suburb. Near the station was a fine Edwardian house complete with palm and pines. Opposite was the Police Station, 1930-60 with a portable lock-up behind and the residence beside it. No. 794 was the Post Off1ce 3099 the-original shop-front window now has mail-boxes below. Close to the Railway entrance the butcher's shop remains unchanged, but across the road the linear shopping centre tries to keep the character of the olden times.
The Fire Bell once hung on a tall gum outside No. 832. Palms in front gardens indicate the age of some of the homes, about 70 years. A corrugated iron shed still stands on the front fence line next to No. 840.
Adding to the streetscape is an example of the standard timber early 20th century four veranda post suburban villa."


Record of the Society's history and activities and highlighting various aspects of the Heritage Study undertaken by David Bick used to create the future heritage overlay for the Shire of Eltham and later Nillumbik Shire.

Physical description

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 4 strips

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Kodak Gold 100 5095