Historical information

Profess Lowe was Professor of Paedeoaudiology and in Education of Deaf Children at Teachers College, Special Education Department, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, West Germany
The Victorian School for Deaf Children continued an interest in the latest research and information on the education of deaf children.


This represents the most up to date information on the education of deaf children in the 1970s, as presented by Professor Armin Lowe.

Physical description

Black (fake skin pattern) foolscap folder with red spine containing reports and information regarding the visits of Dr Armin Lowe in September 1974 and March 1978. They include reports to VSDC with recommendations for improvements, record of interview, travel reports and itinerary and a report on religious education for deaf children and adolescents.

Inscriptions & markings

On Spine: "Prof./Armin LOWE/Visits:/Sept, 1974/March, 1978"