Historical information

The containers in this set would have held salt, pepper, and perhaps two types of vinegar. When bought some time in the 20th century it was a high quality item and would have been found in the home of a person of some means and perhaps used when visitors were being entertained. Today a simple salt and pepper set is more likely to be used during meals.


This cruet set has no known local provenance but it is a very attractive item and is kept as a memento of the past.

Physical description

This cruet set has a metal base with four round metal knobs on the bottom. The base has a handle in a bowed shape with a circular top and midway across the handle are attached four rectangular metal shapes for holding the condiments. Four cut glass containers slot into the four holders. The containers are all rectangular-shaped, two with a narrower neck and a glass stoppers, one with a narrower neck and a metal top with a perforated lid and one with a metal top with a hinged lid. The metal base and handle are somewhat rusted.