Historical information

Top Row, from left - Ian Leach, Dave Lovatt, Peter Sturtevant, Sue Hanna, Charles Harris, Trevor Sorenson, Alex Best. Bottom Row, from left - Danny Hick, Deanne Brown, Frank Tyler, Bill Barber, Marie Daye, Stephen Gorst.

Physical description

Three colour photographs, laminated, with typed list of names 3 copies; 22.5 x 27 cm laminated (12.5 x 20 cm photo)

Inscriptions & markings

Originally contained in an envelope with handwritten note on enveloe to Allan Baker dated 14 Dec 1987 "Enclosed for your use are staff photos of all departments. I've given each Champion of Committees copies for all their respective Councillor photos of Depts reporting to each committee. Outdoor staff photos will be taken next week and I'll make those available as soon as possible. Cheers (Undecipherable)"