Historical information

Original photo from a scrapbook belonging to Heather Jenkins (nee Cone) who lived as a child in the Police Residence at 728 Main Road, Eltham from 1911 to the early 1920s. (Reported in Newsletter No. 98, Sept., 1994).

View looking north up Policeman’s Hill across Main Road towards the Police Station, Police Residence and Courthouse, c.1910 prior to Brougham Street being made. The two rails / gap in the fence would be where Brougham Street now enters Main Road. Also visible are Knapman's Forge adjacent to Courthouse and E.J. Andrew's Store on top of the hill

At the upper left can be seen the front of the Evelyn Hotel. On the opposite corner was Watsons Hotel. E.J. Andrew's store with its verandah was on the corner of Franklin Street. Behind the picket fence stands the 1860 Court House and Police residence with the weatherboard clad Police office. The enclosed fence is now the end of Brougham Street, opened to Bible Street in 1926.

The Evelyn Hotel (formerly Fountain of Friendship) burnt down in the 1930s when it was being used as a boarding house since 1919.

A cow is feeding on the grass verge in street.

The photo is identified in white lettering typical of the style of Clark Bros., photographers of Windsor, Melbourne (1894-1914). One of the brothers, John Henry Clark, took many early photos around Little Eltham and moved to Eltham in 1916 where he lived at the bottom of the hill. Typically, he would add “J.H. Clark Photo” to his personal work, but this is not evident. There is however some ghost writing, a cheeky inscription in small white lettering in the grass verge in front of where Brougham Street is, which appears to state: “Heather or Hannah was here”. Perhaps J.H. Clark took the photo during a trip to Eltham and gifted it some years later after moving there as a gift to a young Heather Cone.

The Police Station sign:
E vii R

Edward VII ascended the throne in 1901 and died 6 May 1910. He was succeeded by George V.


Heather Cone was the daughter of Constable John Thomas Cone (Badge 3935) the local police officer in residence at Eltham, 1 May 1911 to 9 July 1922.

Heather McKnight Jenkins (nee Cone) was born 1911, possibly at the Eltham Police Residence and spent her childhood growing up in the Police Residence. Heather was the daughter of John Thomas Cone, Police Constable, and Charlotte Helena Cone (nee Black) who had married in 1906. Constable Cone was transferred to Eltham Police Station from Lauriston (near Kyneton) in May 1911. He retired from the force around September 1922 most likely as a result of significant health concerns experienced earlier that year from 22 April when he was hospitalised. He died 5 October 1922 at Maria Street at age 60 leaving behind a widow and two daughters; his son having pre-deceased him as a result of effects of the war. He is buried in Melbourne General Cemetery . In his probate it states that he owned a piece of land 200 links frontage to Maria Street and a depth of 241 links. It is believed that this is the land opposite the Police Station which Heather Jenkins referred to as being owned by her father and where he agisted the Police horses. Heather, her sister and mother Charlotte remained in Eltham until at least the 1924 Electoral Roll where Charlotte was listed as Home Duties however by 1925 she was listed at 229 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, occupation, Registrar of Births.
In the 1934 (and 1936) Electoral Roll, Heather was a Clerk and her mother Charlotte was the Registrar of Births. in 1952 following her mother’s death she made application for Grant of Probate. Heather remains listed in the 1954 Electoral Roll at 13 Ashburton Road under her maiden name Cone however by the 1963 Electoral Roll she is listed at the same address as Heather McKnight Jenkins long with James Gardiner Jenkins. Neither appear listed in the 1958 Electoral Roll.
James Gardiner Jenkins (1892-1975) first wife was Fanny Davison Carrucan (1899-1929), daughter of Denis Carrucan and Jane (nee McAleese). They married in 1925. Fanny died 11 November 1929. In the 1934 Electoral Roll he remained listed at John Street, Eltham, Railway Employee however by 1935 Electoral Roll, James Gardiner Jenkins, Railway Employee, was listed at 229 Glenferrie Road, Malvern and he remained living with Charlotte and Heather Cone when they moved to 13 Ashburton Road, Glen Iris.
One of Constable Cone’s first investigations upon arriving in Eltham was the accidental fatal shooting in the head with a pea rifle by young Francis August Capewell, aged 11, of John Sutcliffe Deegan, 14, in Maria Street near the Railway.
Constable Cone’s replacement was Constable William Charles Sargeant who commenced in charge of the Eltham Police Station from Thursday, 10 August 1922.
Constable William Charles Sargeant, and his wife Elizabeth Agnes Sargeant were based at the Eltham Police Station until his transfer to the Police Station in Burwood Road, Hawthorn. He retired at Hawthorn Police Station in 1931, described by Hawthorn Council in 1927 as in a disgraceful condition and unfit for human habitation (Kathryn Griffin family tree – Ancestry) whereupon they moved to 28 Saunders Street, Coburg. Elizabeth died 16 July 1936 in Fitzroy. William then moved to 6 Queen Street Coburg in 1936 and then 1 Queen Street in 1942 where he died 7 August 1944. He is buried at Fawkner Cemetery.

Physical description

Sepia postcard photo glued on a brown paper scrapbook page (torn from scrapbook) along with 8 other black and white/sepia photos of varying sizes, 1 newspaper clipping and handwritten captions in ink.